Friday, August 14, 2009

A Few Good Men

August 17 is a big day around here. We celebrate 19 years of marriage today and Alec turns 15. I remember when Alec was born, how excited we were that he would arrive on our 4th wedding anniversary. We have shared this day for many years now and it is a reminder of my good fortune each and every year.

Sure both of these men can literally drive me out of my mind in their own right but they are also such a blessing. Alec is the smartest boy I know and very much a gentleman. Yes, there are times we dislike one another immensely but I am genuinely grateful for the day I was privileged enough to be in the delivery room to hold him for the first time. To experience motherhood for the first time. My dad sent me an e-mail recently that reminds me of then and now.

""GET OUT! I'M DRIVING" soon to be the mantra of the Ringhiser household. Or perhaps... A---L---E---C!
My amazement mirrors yours. I remember too well the circumstances surrounding the arrival of my dear and oldest grandchild along with the utter breathtaking beauty of the baby boy who was a miracle from the start. What blessings were in store and what challenges lie just ahead."

As we go forward into teenagedom--Give me strength to deal with the challenges and help me to recognize the accomplishments of a boy becoming a young man. Help me to remember that is part of being a good mother.
And then there is Ray. A man dedicated to his family and ME more than any I know. As I get older and experience life more I realize how hard this trait is to come by. So many marriages just don't make it and I am so lucky to have one that is stronger now than ever. I am grateful for a man who adores me and loves me despite my faults, unconditionally.

Today, life is good.


Lauren said...

Happy anniversary and happy birthday to Alec. I remember meeting him for the first time! Yes, we are all VERY lucky! Loves...

DBarr said...

Congrats! Good men are a blessing!

Idaho Hodges said...

I too remember holding Alec for the first time. I cant believe how big he is and how lucky we are. Loves to you all!!

Mmm...Cafe said...

Happy day for you! I cried...job well done! Loves to all of you!